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March 2010 - Issue 35

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GTM Libra and Spyder – Why the GTM is one of the best ever kit cars
Turbo bike engines – Dax Rush Kawasaki ZX14, MK Indy R Yamaha ZX10R, Wesfield Honda Blackbird
Fisher Fury – The best Fury we’ve ever seen
Ranger – Reader’s quirky Mini based fun car
Jago Geep – A Jago like no other, with a 2.6-litre Mercedes-Benz straight six engine
Choosing brakes – Discs, calipers and pads examined
How to bleed your brakes – The easy way
Haynes Roadster build Pt8 – The latest in our serialised build
Buying a part-built kit car guidance – What to look out for
…and much more!